Published Choral/Liturgical

As newborn stars were stirred to song. Words by Carl Daw. (GIA Publications, Inc.). As sung by the Girl Choristers of the Washington National Cathedral, Bruce Neswick, director. 


As newborn stars were stirred to song (“Concertato” version for SATB Choir, Assembly, Organ and Brass Quartet), 2000. Words by Carl Daw. (GIA Publications, Inc., G-8147).


For Glory Dawns Upon You (Two Voices, organ or piano), 1994. Isaiah 60: 6b. (Augsburg 11-10650)

The Harvest of Justice (SAB Choir with Organ), 1994.  James 3, 16 (Chantry Music: 12-105 – available through Augsburg)

Rose Hill Mass (SATB, optional Cantor, Assembly & Organ), 1984. I.C.E.T. Eucharistic Liturgy: Acclamations, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-2982).

A Troped Agnus Dei (SATB, Cantor, Assembly & Organ), 1987. (GIA Publications, Inc.

As the Father has loved me (SATB, Cantor, Assembly & Organ), 2009, John 15 RSV (GIA Publications, Inc. G-7274)

Be Merciful, O Lord (Unison or Two-part Choir/Cantor, Assembly & Organ), 1987. Psalm 51, Grail Text. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3318).

Blest be God (Cantor, Assembly, Oboe & Keyboard), 1991. Isaiah 43, New American Bible. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-4128)


Canticle of Mary (SATB & Organ with optional Assembly response), 1986. Grail Text. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3194).

Canticle of Moses Cantor, SATB, Assembly, Flute, & Percussion), 1993. Grail Text. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-4143)


Canticle of Simeon (SATB & Organ with optional Assembly response), 1986. Grail Text. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3195).

How Firm a Foundation (SSATB, Keyboard & optional Handbell), 1986. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3223).

The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns (SATB & optional Keyboard), 1990. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3744).


My Soul is Thirsting for You (SATB, Assembly), 1986. Psalm 42, I.C.E.L. Text. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3317).

Now the Green Blade Rises (SATB, Flute & optional Handbell), 1987. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3234).


Our Eyes are Fixed on the Lord (SATB, Cantor, Assembly & Organ), 1988. Psalm 122, Grail Text. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3319).

Processional for Christmas (Divinum Mysterium) (Two-part Mixed Chorus, Solo, Organ & optional Handbells), 1990. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3711).

Psalm for Advent (Unison or Two Mixed Voices, Assembly and Keyboard), 1987. Psalm 25, New American Bible. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3533).

Psalm for Christmas Day (refrain by Richard Proulx) (Cantor, Assembly & Organ), 1989. Psalm 98, Grail Text. (GIA Publications, Inc. G-3631).

Let My Prayers Arise Like Incense (SATB, Cantor, Assembly, Handbells, Keyboard), 1985. Psalm 141, Grail Text. (Morning Star, MSM-80-702).

Child of Sweetness (SATB & two Soprano soloists), 1992. Christmas text from the Orthodox Liturgy. (Trinitas: 4521TR)


Magnificat (SATB, a cappella,, 1999. Fauxbourdon alternative settings of chant Tone 2D. (Trinitas: 4582)

Praise the Lord, my Soul (SATB, Assembly & Organ), 1996. New Zealand Prayerbook Text  (Trinitas: 4526TR)

Wonder, Love and Praise1982), Church Publishing, Inc.

  • Missa Simplex (Unison/SATB, Cantor, Assembly, Keyboard & Handbells), 1989/1996  I.C.E.T. Eucharistic Liturgy:
    • Kyrie
    • Gloria
    • Sanctus
    • Agnus Dei
    • Fraction Anthem (unpublished)
  • As newborn stars were stirred to song (ALEXANDRA) Hymn setting of text by Carl Daw.  C.M.D.

All found in Enriching our Music 1 Church Publishing, Inc.

  • We praise you, O God (Canticle 21)
  • A Song of Jerusalem Our Mother (Canticle E)
  • A Song of Lamentation (Canticle F)

Enriching our Music 2 Church Publishing, Inc.

  • Fraction Anthem: Lamb of God